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The Story-Riteā„¢ masonry story pole system was invented by a masonry contractor, Justin Ruonavaara. Justin felt there had to be an easier way to lay block and eliminate the need to build time consuming masonry leads.

The Story-Rite masonry story pole system was created to speed up the block laying process. Lay block faster - save time - put more money in your pocket.

Some contractors have reported laying block almost twice as fast with Story-Rite when compared to the way they used to lay masonry block.

Story-Rite is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum so it will hold up extremely well outside in the element.

Please browse our site, view the pictures, watch the videos and read the instructions to see how Story-Rite can benefit your business today. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Lay block faster with the Story-Rite masonry story pole system. High speed masonry leads!

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Six Reasons Contractors Trust Story-Rite

Six reasons contractors choose Story-Rite
1. Reduce Labor Costs

By speeding up both the masonry lead build time and the block laying process, the Story-Rite system offers a quick return on your investment.

2. Lay More Block & Brick

By speeding up the entire process for both brick and block, contractors are able to lay more block and brick than ever before.

3. Easy and Fast Set Up

This self supporting story pole system uses a base that adjusts the wall for plumb and presets the height of the courses of block.

4. Precise Storying

Story-Rite does not have any limits on height because it can be anchored to the block wall, which allows the mason to continue laying block as high as needed.

5. Best Working Clearance

Other methods and story pole systems tend to have a reocurring problem: clearance. Story-Rite offers the best working clearance for both block and brick.

6. Built to Last

Story-Rite components are constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to hold up extremely well outside in the elements, and with proper care will last for many years.

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