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The Story-Rite™ Masonry Story Pole System solves the problem of building time consuming corner leads for both brick and block construction. The Story-Rite system sets the corner for plumb and height; quickly eliminating hours of labor. This self supporting story pole system uses a base that adjusts the wall for plumb and presets the height of the courses of block. It does not have any limits on height because it can be anchored to the block wall, which allows the mason to continue laying block as high as needed.

Brick Story Pole
Block Story Pole

"We built a 40’ x 40’ foundation 6 courses high with 10" block. We estimated it to take 30 hours total to lay all of the block. It only took 21 hours, thanks to these new masonry story poles! These masonry story poles are a no-brainer for any contractor that lays any amount of block!"

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