Instructions for setting up the Story-Rite masonry story pole system

The Story-Rite™ masonry story pole system solves the problem of building time consuming corner leads for the masonry process. The Story-Rite system sets the corner for plumb and height, quickly eliminating hours of labor. This self supporting story pole system uses a base that adjusts the wall for plumb and presets the height of the courses of block. It does not have any limits on height because it can be anchored to the block wall, which allows the mason to continue laying block as high as needed.

Set up of the Story-Rite system is quick and easy, just download this How to Story Rite PDF and follow the steps properly set up Story-Rite™. After proper set up you can lay block quickly and efficiently; saving you time and money.

TIP 1: Keep the follower plates within 18 inches of the line block to prevent pole distortion, inside followers should be fastened with oiled 1/4" x 4" J bolts at the mud joint.

TIP 2: Lay exactly to the line so your follower plate is correct when you move it up.

WARNING: Be sure to anchor the Story-Rite poles securely to the wall when they are moved up the side of the wall for more height. Severe injury may occur if proper safety precaution is not taken.

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